19-20 June , sTockholm, Sweden


We hope that you are looking forward to the Leading Collaborative Workshops training as much as we are! There will be a total number of 26 participants. 20 from Spoon Agency and 6 from Reach for Change.

Here is a short letter about the training and information of how to plan and prepare. Please fill in your details at the form at the bottom of the page. 


Course Description

This two day leadership training equips you with the concrete skills to design and facilitate workshops intended to start up teams and projects. You will learn a variety of principles, tools and models for how to generate ownership, activate participation and create alignment and common direction for teams, stakeholders and projects.

The training is fully interactive and combines short inspirational sessions and instructions with hands on exercises. Fantastic Studios works with experience-based learning and situational coaching, taking you through a process of concrete experiences followed by reflective sessions. Throughout the training you will have plenty of opportunities to land and formulate insights on how to apply your ideas and learnings into your own organizational context.

After the training you will be able to design and lead workshops that generate participant ownership of process and outcome, both for external clients and internally within your own organization.


After the training you will be able to

  • Design, plan and facilitate methods that generate alignment, active participation and a collaborative culture

  • Understand and put principles of facilitation into action

  • Effectively facilitate using visual templates 

  • Understand and put theories of facilitation and team performance into action

  • Develop and actively use your individual strengths as a facilitator



“Fantastic Studios truly lives up to their name. Many trainers can deliver content, but only some can ensure that participants fully internalize and master new material and put into action"

— Michael Silberman, Global Director, Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace

The learning experience our clients and students get is extraordinary. The methods and tools influence the participants to be even more creative and efficient co-workers. I recommend Fantastic Studios to every company that wants to upgrade the creative thinking and teamwork.

— Åsa Silfverberg, Head of Design & Development, Hyper Island



You should be prepared for two highly intense days, so come well rested and wear comfortable clothes and shoes allowing you to move around. We will provide you with all necessary workshop material but please bring your own notebooks. You will have to arrange your own lunch and there is plenty of great lunch restaurants nearby to choose from. 

During the workshop we will kindly ask you to put your phones and computers aside. As you will be away from your devices during most of these two days we recommend you to put a limited response auto-reply on your e-mail.


TIMES and practicalities

Every day we starts with coffee at 8:45 am (the workshop begins at 9:00 am, sharp!) The days go on until 5.00 pm. The workshop will be conducted in English 



We are happy to tell you that we have booked a great studio space at Adamsky Studios at the center of Södermalm, adress Åsögatan 115, Södermalm just a few hundred meters from Medborgarplatsen subway station. 




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If you need help or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at any time:  

Email: henrik (at) fantasticstudios.com
Phone: +46 (0) 736 219474

Best regards,
Henrik  & Gayathri