25-26 JULY 2017, LONDON

The challenges that we will face together in the coming years to turn around the tide of environmental destruction and human injustice will require creative solutions. We will need creative strategies and tactics that unleash the full potential of people-power to bring about that change. And to do this we need to develop our creative muscles.

Creativity isn’t something that we can take for granted, like any other skill it needs to be developed, supported by tools and training, and improves with practice. This training will focus on developing skills and experience to lead creative processes – designing structured idea development workshops and facilitating creative collaboration. With this training our aim is to boost the creative capacity, in terms of confidence and competence, on all levels – individual, team and office – to find creative solutions to environmental problems and engage many more people in bringing about the change we want in the world. We do not cover generic facilitation or leadership skills development.

Course Description

Leading Creative Collaboration spans over two intense days, during which participants explore and develop skills in leading creative collaboration and structured idea development. The course is designed for those who are serious about unfolding the creative and innovative potential in people, groups and organizations. 

After the training you will be able to

  • Understand the full innovation process
  • Lead teams thought creative collaboration and structured idea development workshops
  • Design and plan creative workshops
  • Nurture a creative culture
  • Provide your organization with a tool box for idea development and workshop design
  • Apply what you’ve learned in your project, team or organization


“Fantastic Studios truly lives up to their name. Many trainers can deliver content, but only some can ensure that participants fully internalize and master new material and put into action. Fantastic Studios delivered a world-class curriculum that empowered me and my 300 colleagues with the skills needed to lead others through creative collaboration and idea development.”

— Michael Silberman, Global Director, Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace

The learning experience our clients and students get is extraordinary. The methods and tools influence the participants to be even more creative and efficient co-workers. I recommend Fantastic Studios to every company that wants to upgrade the creative thinking and teamwork.

— Åsa Silfverberg, Head of Design & Development, Hyper Island



  • How to develop innovative ideas around business challenges
  • How to super charge creative collaboration by applying principles of creativity and methods for idea development
  • How to make idea development highly effective by using a structured process


  • How to use a process design model to plan your own idea development workshop
  • How to avoid common mistakes while designing, planning and running workshops
  • How to develop and select appropriate tools and methods for different parts of the workshop


The training is fully interactive and combines short inspirational sessions, instructions, energizers and creative exercises. We work with experience-based learning, taking you through concrete experiences and reflection sessions. By doing this, we create excellent opportunities for you to formulate insights from the training and to reflect on how to apply ideas/learnings in your own organizational context.


You should be prepared for two highly intense days, so come well rested and wear comfortable clothes and shoes allowing you to move around. We will provide you with all necessary workshop material but please bring your own notebooks.

During the workshop we will kindly ask you to put your phones and computers aside. As you will be away from your devices during most of these two days we recommend you to put a limited response auto-reply on your e-mail.


  • Two full days of workshops from 0930-1700
  • Location: Lift Youth Hub, 45 White Lion St, London N1 9PW, Storbritannien


Contact & Sign up 

There is a limited number of 25 people to attend on day one and 15 people that can continue on day two. You sign up by dropping an email to Liz Webster at lwebster@greenpeace.org